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Forbidden Virility Secrets

Forbidden Virility Secrets.

Forbidden Virility Secrets

Secrets that have actually been banned & labeled demonic & blasphemous by over 3 religions and forbidden to use for over 1,600 years of human history!

Our Testosterone Has Been Decreasing By a Rate of About 1.2% Each Year Since at Least 1987 – Meaning It’s Already 36% Below What It’s Supposed To Be – And is Projected to Hit 50% by 2028 -Travison et al, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism

At Least 1,824 Deaths Have Been Caused  By Viagra Alone Between 1998 and 2007

Take Your Sex Life a Level Most Men Only Dream Of!

And In Case That’s Not Enough I’ve Compiled a Recipe Book Featuring Mythical Concoctions Used in Ancient Harems By Kings & Sultans Who Had Dozens of Wives to Please . . . All Night Long!

Forbidden Virility Secrets.
Forbidden Virility Secrets.

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